What to Consider When Buying a Gaming Mouse

While a gaming mouse is not a crucial gaming tool, it can significantly improve a player's performance. Before you go out to buy one, make sure you know what features you want. All gamers play differently, so defining the best mouse is a matter of personal preferences and requirements.

Of course, the basic considerations are weight, grip, comfort, lighting, programmable buttons, sensor (lasers are the best) and connectivity (wired or wireless), plus the following:

> Sensitivity

Sensitivity is measured by DPI or dots per inch. A lower DPI is great when you need fine control, as when you're playing a first-person shooter game.

> Acceleration

This feature refers to the tool's ability to move, depending on how fast the user moves it.

> Polling Rate

Polling rate refers to how frequently the mouse looks for and reports input. A higher polling rate means the mouse is more responsive and monitors input more often.

> Profiles

Most MMO gaming mice allow you to save configurations in profiles. This means you will be able to swap between profiles when playing different types of games as needed.

The two most important things you have to remember when buying a gaming mouse are control and precision. Although DPI seems important, too high DPI can be a liability. This is definitely not the most important feature for you to consider. Additionally, acceleration becomes useless at higher levels because there's always a limit to one's speed. Polling, though, is important and you will surely feel an obvious difference between higher and lower settings. Being able to move from one DPI setting and profile to another just by touching a button is very handy. Do look into this if you're planning to use the mouse for various game genres or for desktop applications.

It's good to have programmable buttons, but you should be very realistic about how many you actually need. If you play lots of MMO games, you may want buttons laid out in a grid. For general utility, buttons spread over the mouse are usually the best. Also consider ergonomics when determining which buttons are useful and convenient at the same time. Comfort is definitely important, although it is completely subjective, depending on grip style and the material the mouse is made of.

Finally, don't forget to read online reviews before buying an MMORPG gaming mouse . It's always good to hear it from users and experts themselves.  ​Visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Optical_mouse to read more.